What do I need to know for my first shift?

When you arrive, be sure to let someone know you are there for your first shift. They will show you how to sign in and help you get a nametag. If you need a locker, please ask for one. We ask volunteers to limit what they bring with them (especially valuables), as locker space is limited. When serving a morning shift, we ask that volunteers do not arrive earlier than 8:30am. 

Please wear a mask a properly fitting mask, comfortable clothing that you can bend and lift in, and closed-toe shoes. Be sure to dress for the weather. Please be aware that some shifts take place outside, and that we often have doors propped when we are distributing groceries or unloading deliveries. Dressing in layers can be helpful.  

Feel free to bring your own bottled water, coffee, or whatever you like to have along with you. We also have beverages and snacks available. If you’d like to bring a lunch with you for days when you are serving a longer shift, feel free to put your lunch in the volunteer fridge. Ask a staff member if you are not sure where this is.  

All training will take place during your first shift.  

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