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Unfortunately, we set another record.

This past June was the busiest month in the history of Care for Real with 2901 families turning to us for food assistance. With rising food costs and cuts in food assistance programs, we don’t expect the need to diminish soon. In fact, the average for the first half of 2014 is 25% higher than for the same time period last year. You can help feed our neighbors with a monetary gift or a donation of food and clothing.



How often do people come to Care for Real?

7visitsCritics of food assistance programs often claim that they create a culture of dependency for people.  In 2013 we tracked a random sample of 479 households to see how often they visited Care for Real to receive food.  Clients were eligible to receive food a total of 202 times in 2013.  But of the 202 opportunities, they only came in 7 times for food and an average of 1.7 times for clothing.  Read more about the people we served last year.

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