Employment Resource Center

Employment Resource Center

Due to Covid-19 restrictions we are not able to offer the Employment Resource Center. We will inform the community when we are able to reopen.


Since 2011, Care For Real Employment Resource Center has been servicing our community by assisting our clients to find and pursue satisfying work.
Here is how we can help you!

These are the critical job search steps we can guide you through:

1. Initial Interview
When you first visit the Employment Resource Center you will work with a volunteer who will help you identify your basic employment information.

2. Email
We will assist you in developing a professional email address which is critical for your job search.

3. Resume
The type of resume will be identified according to your needs. Your Employment Resource Volunteer will then use your personal information gathered in step 1 to work with you to construct the resume you need. This can often take more than one meeting so we are available for scheduled appointments.

   4. Cover Letters
Your Employment Resource Volunteer will teach you how to construct an effective cover letter depending on your job search goal.

5. Mock Interview
Interviews are critical. Therefore we can set an appointment for live interview practice.

6. Online Profiles
Your Employment Resource Volunteer can help you set up an online profile on websites such as LinkedIn or Indeed to establish online credentials and visibility.

7. Apply for jobs online
We can provide you with internet access and assist you with online job searches and applications

We are also available for one on one meetings to help with employment challenges and issues you are facing. See contact information below for the Saturday Group Meeting or to schedule one on one appointments.

Employment Resource Group Meeting
We hold a group meeting every Saturday at 2:30PM at the Care for Real Offices, 5341 N Sheridan Rd. Every client is invited to attend. Some Saturday meetings have specific topics and professional presentations. Others are group discussions where our job search clients can share information on challenges and successes. After the group meeting we offer internet access and one on one meetings to address specific issues.

Contact Information
Email: jobs@careforreal.org
Phone: 773-769-6182