Ruth’s List 2020 Cookbook

Thank you to our friends at Ruth’s List for sharing this wonderful project!
Hello Ruth’s Listers, Edgewater and Andersonville Neighbors, and Friends of Care for Real,
In 2007, a group of Ruth’s Listers got together to create a cookbook. These recipes were based on the Meal Train meals that many group members cooked for others when they had a baby, had a medical emergency or had a family loss. People wanted to share these recipes and the stories behind them. We had a block party book release and sold hundreds of copies, with 100% of the proceeds of the sale of this little cookbook going to two local non-profits.
So, now let’s fast forward to 2020! During this pandemic, there has been LOTS of cooking and baking (yes, I am talking about the famous “Jens”) going on as we all hunkered down and hung in. We all now have new recipes to share and stories to tell. We also have even greater needs in our community as the pandemic has wreaked havoc on the folk’s livelihoods and produced increased food insecurity. It was just time to create a new Pandemic version of the famous Ruth’s List cookbook and this time 100% of the proceeds will go to our neighborhood’s greatest safety net, Care for Real.
To this end, we want all of you to share your recipes and the tales that surround them.
Here is what we need to capture:
• Name of recipe.
• A brief story on how this recipe became part of your pandemic menus or why it is special to you or your family.
• Ingredients.
• Instructions on how you make it.
• Approximate preparation time.
• A bit of information of what beverage or libation (if that is your thing) this meal goes best with.
• If this originally came from a cookbook, magazine, or publication, please include a citation so we can give them kudos.
• Submitted by.
These recipes can be for anything, including cocktails (which is encouraged). If they are from a publication of any kind, please share where you got it from so we can credit them accordingly.
Recipes can come by whatever word processing means you have.
We hope to get this printed by the holidays (it really does make a fantastic gift) so our deadline for recipes is Monday, November 9 at 5PM. You can email your recipes to All questions can be directed to Ann Casey at 773-391-9998 or Kim Cavitt at 773-960-6625.
Once the books are printed, we will reach back and tell you where and how to purchase them.