Donating Your Stimulus Check to Fight the Coronavirus






Donating Your Stimulus Check to Fight the Coronavirus

As stimulus checks hit bank accounts this week, we see the same question popping up in neighborhood groups, “Where can I donate my $1,2000 stimulus check locally where it will do the most good?”

Generously, those who still have a steady income despite the coronavirus epidemic, and don’t need the stimulus, want to use this “found money” to help others. At the same time, they want to be sure the funds go to an organization that will use the money wisely to provide the basic needs of those who impacted by the coronavirus

For 49 years, Care for Real has been providing food, clothing and support services to people on the north side of Chicago.

For every $1 donated, 97¢ goes directly to support the food pantry and other services. That $1 will provide enough food to a person to make 4 meals. A $5 dollar donation will feed a person for a week. And the $1200 stimulus check? It will feed a family of four for a full year.

Care for Real operates a huge food pantry program that provides nearly 1.2 million pounds annually to neighbors from all over Chicago, including Andersonville, Edgewater, Rogers Park, and Uptown. The number of people coming to Care for Real for the first time has doubled since the pandemic hit and layoffs began. We have been able to meet this demand thanks to the generous donations from the community. Even a small gift from a stimulus check can make an incredible impact on our ability to continue to help our neighbors.

 Take a look at all the ways Care for Real helps our neighbors in need through challenging times:

The best way to support Coronavirus relief in Edgewater and Andersonville is by giving directly to those organizations providing support like Care for Real. To donate directly to hunger relief on the north side of Chicago, please click here.