Kids Care for Real

On Friday, April 5, Lyle Allen, Care for Real’s Executive Director, visited Agassiz Elementary School, our most recent CPS school to have joined the Food Share Program. Ms. Swanson’s kindergarten class spearheaded a Food Drive on our behalf. After meeting the students, the class even carried out the donations and filled Lyle’s car with over a hundred non-perishable items. The food was then distributed to our clients that afternoon.

Care for Real thanks the students who wanted to help fellow children in need. You really are “Kids who Care for Real.”

Ms. Swanson's Kindergarten class with Lyle Allen, Care for Real Executive Director.

Sophia is one of Care for Real's newest donors! Her story is a sweet one.

Having lemonade stands is a favorite past time for the neighborhood children. Sophia and her friends, Violet and Allison, started selling lemonade and cookies one hot summer afternoon just for the fun of it. Years before they would raise money to go on a neighborhood field trip, like Kiddieland, but this year was different. Their worlds are bigger and they have become more and more aware of those in need so they decided they would donate the money they raised to Care for Real. After Violet and Allison were called into dinner (hours later), Sophia asked to have her dinner outside. When it started getting dark, Sophia's parents called her to come in at 10pm. She had raised $80!

The dollars will help us feed 8 children for a week.

Care for Real thanks Sophia for your contribution and helping us provide food to families and children in need!

Sophia and Lyle

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