Volunteer FAQ

Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions

VolunteersDo I have to schedule in advance or can I just show up to volunteer?

All volunteering must be scheduled in advance. Once we receive your Volunteer Application we will contact you to schedule an interview and orientation session

How do I volunteer?

First complete the Volunteer Application form. You can Click Here to fill out the form online or Click Here to download the form, fill it out and submit it to us in person or via email with a PDF attachment. Once we receive your completed form, we’ll contact you to schedule an interview and orientation session.

IMG_0648What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, preferably closed toed shoes. Volunteers in the food and clothing distribution areas generally stand for the entire distribution period, so make sure you will be comfortable. Occasionally the work can get sloppy, so don’t wear your Sunday best. We serve a diverse group of clients from a wide variety of backgrounds, so please leave any personal message type clothing for another occasion.

What should I bring?

Only a cheerful and serving attitude! We do not have lockers to secure any personal belongings, so leave any valuable items at home. Let your volunteer coordinator know if you have purses, backpacks, cellphones, laptops or other valuable items with you so we can lock them in a secured area.

Is there parking available?

Volunteers are encouraged to take public transportation because we do not have dedicated parking available. Check out our Contact page for public transportation and parking options.

IMG_1227Can I volunteer to fulfill School Service Hours or Court Ordered Community Service hours?

YES ! Complete the Volunteer Application Form and make sure to fill out the section regarding School or Court Ordered Hours. Make sure to tell us what documentation is required at the completion of your hours.

Are there age restrictions for volunteering?

High school students may volunteer with parental consent. Students younger than high school can volunteer when accompanied by an adult parent or guardian. If you would like to arrange a group school volunteer session, please contact us at Volunteer at CareforReal.org so we can arrange age appropriate volunteer activities.